About Us

The name "Flora Street Atelier" is a combination of the founder's full name "Flora Street" and the French word "atelier" which means "a workshop where an artist creates".

Our interpretation of this word is "a space where anyone can be their creative self", which is the type community we want to create. Where we inspire you and you inspire us back. Where all artists can share their talents and grow. 

Flora started her creative journey by sharing her macrame knowledge and designs on YouTube (Macrame with Flora). Our tutorials are open and free so anyone can easily join, learn and create. 

We now offer DIY kits and hardware to make your experience more approachable as a hobby or to make your own handmade gifts for your loved ones. 

You can also be a part of our community by purchasing our finished products. We make each and every product with lots of care to deliver the best with consistent quality. 

Please contact us for collaborative work, wholesale inquiries, special occasion gift discounts or to join our team. 

Thank you for your subscription, purchase, review and support in any form.